Report to the UN Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights

November 6, 2013

The following report describes the extreme violations of culture experienced by the Cham, Khmer Krom, and Montagnard indigenous peoples of today’s Vietnam. This document will provide an historical overview of each indigenous nation, cite violations experienced by the indigenous peoples, and recommendations will be offered at the close of the report.

The report demonstrates that the right to participate in cultural life and to manifest one’s own cultural identity has not been possible under the current government of Vietnam. The promotion of tourism within Vietnam has shown little to no consideration for the realization of the cultural rights of indigenous peoples, including the rights of the indigenous peoples to identify, protect, classify, and be a steward to their own cultural heritage.

The teaching of history within Vietnam has ignored the rich cultural tapestry and ancient, spiritual, and sacred heritage of the indigenous peoples of the Cham, the Khmer Krom and the Montagnards.  Indeed, much of the history and ethnic identity of these peoples has been eradicated in the government’s policies of political and religious persecution, land seizure and assimilation.

There is a great tragedy in the loss of cultural heritage for these indigenous peoples and a profound loss for the entire world.

Report Final CIP-TVN to UN Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights (PDF- 24 pages)


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